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Ivan Hacker, Stříbro 16. 3. 2016

“We are glad that we are now one of you – users of the Novabrik ventilated facade. We spent several years thinking about the method of renovating the shell of our house. I compared various methods and offers and became convinced that the Novabrik ventilated facade was the right choice. It is probably too early to review the system completely but it is March 2016, the first winter with the new facade is behind us and the numbers on our radiators are definitely lower when compared with the same period last year. We are looking forward to the statement of the heating season… but wait, one of our neighbours complained the other day that the beer from the cellar is undrinkable, it is impossible to cool it properly in the cellar…”

Martin Štěpánek, Unhošť, 8. 1. 2016

“My family and I have definitely noticed the increased heat comfort of our house, you can really tell the difference in heat accumulation.”

Klasovi, Praha-Zbraslav, 18. 12. 2015

“We appreciate the patience and expertise of Mr. Čavojský when negotiating the insulation of our facade with the Novabrik system that we decided to take based on our parents’ experience who have had this insulation and facade for five years.”

Klasovi, Praha-Zbraslav, 18. 12. 2015

“We believe that we won’t need to worry about anything for the decades to come and that there will be minimum maintenance of the facade. That will contribute to good living in addition to energy savings.”

MUDr. Dagmar Pěničková, SVJ Tovární 39 Beroun, 3. 8. 2015

“The SVJ committee hereby thanks employees of both companies that participated in this demanding construction. Particularly, we would like to thank Mr. Čavojský, the representative of NOVABRIK s.r.o., and all workers of NOVAMONT s.r.o. I can strongly recommend these two companies to anyone who it thinking about insulating their building.”

Víšovi, Břeclav, 7. 7. 2015

“We would like to thank you for arranging Mr. Opršál to build the façade using Novabrik. He performed a very fine job to our satisfaction. Thank you so much. We are satisfied with the Novabrik facade and passers-by probably too, because people often stop at our house to look at it.”

Vera Ben Turkia, Praha-Hlubočepy, 18. 6. 2015

“I would like to thank you for your friendliness and understanding that you have shown during our meetings and I would like to thank the employees of Novabrik and Novamont for their professional approach when installing the Novabrik facade and for their perfect work and result.”

Štěpánková Dita, Děčín, 24. 3. 2015

“I would like to thank Mr. Čavojský for his friendly conduct and willingness and Mr. Puc for his professional approach. He performed all the arranged jobs with perfect precision and down to the last detail. In my opinion, there are not many responsible and respectable people like he is. His team knows what they are doing, which gives your Company a good name.”

Lesák Luděk, Lanškroun, 20. 12. 2014

“The facade tiling has a great effect, I am pleased to have made this investment.”

Miroslava Kačinová, Bošice, 15. 10. 2014

“We have had the facade for twelve years and it is still standing undisturbed. The colour is also still the same; we can definitely recommend using Novabrik. We are very satisfied, thank you.”

Aleš Vladík, Černá Hora, 16. 9. 2014

“Own installation after a consultation with the sales representative. Fast negotiations without any issues. The same applies to transport. The installation was fast and in order. We are yet to see how it works but we definitely like what we see. One can learn something during the installation and it was a pleasure to work with since everything fits perfectly.”

Milan Doležal, Kladno, 16. 7. 2014

“I can warmly recommend using the Novabrik facade system. We have saved a lot for heating of the house since we installed it, the facade is perfect and the colour is stable, just like the manufacturer guaranteed.”

Alena Benešová, Praha 5, 16. 7. 2014

“I would like to praise the Novabrik Company for making my house look nice thanks to their facing tiles. The house is now insulated well, it is dry and without any mould. The system is highly reliable.”

Parolek Miroslav, Blansko, 27. 6. 2014

“I am very pleased with Novabrik, I can really tell the difference especially in winter – there is no loss of heat, which saves me money. The Novabrik façade is very attractive. Installation was easy, I did it all by myself, which makes me even more happy.”

Jaroslav Havrlant, 10. 12. 2013

“There are no deficiencies in the work, it was done well, continuity of jobs was amazing, excellent team, at ease and Mr. Sosík is a pleasant boss. The works were done without any unnecessary delays.”

Hejlová Zdeňka, Třebíč, 1. 9. 2013

“Hello from Březník. I would like to thank you for helping make my dream come true. Thank you for the perfect work you did on my house – insulation and facing tiles by NOVABRIK.”

Petr Dřevo, Hradec Králové, 8. 8. 2013

“I am a huge fan of your system. Our house was built in 1910 – the work did not only include insulation, but also permanent ventilation that dries the masonry and significantly improves its insulating properties. If we put polystyrene on the facade, we could grow mould for money – I can see that in much newer buildings.”

Belánovi, Lázně Toušeň, 2011

“I have an old house built from sandstone that had been absorbing moisture for years and years. The 90 cm thick walls could never be dried out and heat disappeared quickly as if I did not have the heater on. There was constantly mould on the ground floor. I am delighted that I have chosen the ventilated facade because the mould is completely gone and there is no mouldy smell in the air anymore. All of that in a single heating season.”

Belánovi, Lázně Toušeň, 2011

“I used to burn 3,000 cubic meters of gas on average every year. After the insulation, it was only 1,700 and the winter was quite harsh!”

Milan Švec, Hradec Králové, 2011

“This solution helped us reduce gas payments last year and we actually got a significant refund from the gas company this year. The room temperature stays between 20 – 22°C no matter what the weather is like outside.”

Milan Švec, Hradec Králové, 2011

“I constantly had to explain the details to neighbours and passers-by. They often said – if only we had known, but we already have polystyrene so there’s nothing we can do. Women really liked the look of the house. And I had no idea then what other properties Novabrik has.”

JUDr. Zdeňka Trpkošová, Praha 8, 2011

“When I compare our house with the block of flats across the street that was reconstructed in 2002 with polystyrene, grid and plaster, the block of flats is very faded and damaged but our house looks as if has just been fixed. We have not done any repairs since 2001 (we have had to repair the roof seven times during that time). Also, the facing tiles have also helped us remove defects in the panels that we would have never found otherwise.”

Hana Babjarová, Vizovice

“My husband did the construction and I delivered the material to the site. I think I must have walked about 6 kilometres and sifted about 7.5 m3 of macadam with a coal scoop. I don’t think I could do that with concrete :-). We spent about eight hours chatting with people passing by who stopped to check out the system.”

Král Robert, Benešov

“Wall constructed from the Stavoblock blocks nicely supports the garden appearance; we have chosen the plain sand colour and we are excited both by the appearance, and by material, from which the individual wall blocks are built.”

Milan Konečný, Přerov

“I would like to express my high satisfaction with the Stavoblock retaining blocks. We have used them for construction of wall to the garden pavilion and we cannon tell how easy the construction of wall was.”

Bárta, Brno

“I would like to take an opportunity to express my satisfaction with the Stavoblock concrete blocks. I was excited also by installation, which proceeded without any problem in cooperation with your technicians and the fence was completed sooner than I expected.”

Šturm, Domažlice

“I would like to thank you for construction f new concrete fence. In sand slip colour it appears to be very luxury, and what is the best, it is not only the appearance, even the material looks to be of the high-quality.”

Jiří Kárník, Praha 10

“We have the Stavoblock system and we are very pleased, particularly with its fast construction. Also, we were pleased with the fast negotiations of the order and the following communication about the details of the construction, including any potential modifications.”

Karel Měšťák

“We have used Stavoblock in reconstruction of garden at our cottage. We are satisfied both the quality of the blocks themselves, and with attitude of your company. Surely we well recommend you further!”

František K.

“We have used the Tri-Lock paving to access road to house and we must appreciate it mainly for excellent lock-groove system. We have made the road without any problem and we need not any mortar or other connecting material.”

K. Fous

“When we realised the greening of the area behind the house, we needed something to reinforce the terrain. Tri-Lock served us in it perfectly; we have laid it as the foundation, which do not provide any movement for months. In addition, the positioning was surprisingly easy, and thus we will recommend you surely.”

“Several weeks after construction of pavements from Tri-Lock elements I can only express my very positive opinion. The pavement was (however with aid of your staff) made quickly and based on so-far using also very precisely. Hold on!”

Březina Jan, BETA-PROJEKT s.r.o., Svitavy

“I would like to say a few things about the Tri-Lock material that we know very well. We hage used the system for two job orders – thanks to the satisfaction of the previous investor and its good erosion control properties. We used the system for these constructions: Okrouhlo u Prahy – used due to the large angle of slope of the retention reservoir. We had no problems with the installation. Svitavy Composting Plant – again thanks to the good erosion control properties.”

Petr Kořínek, České Budějovice

“I would like to thank you for Tri-Lock – we used it to “pave” the bank of the stream and we were thrilled how easy it was to install in the difficult-to-access terrain.”

Stanislav Zelený, Náchod

“Our municipality has decided to reinforce the challenging banks of the adjacent river by the Tri-Lock building elements. I think we cannot have better choice. Now the challenging points are "closed" and so-far we have detected no problems, with which we usually met in history, such as landfall at the bank to the river. Our thanks belong to you..”

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